Creating and Displaying Very First Ad Unit

Now that you have Optimate Ads – Advance Ad Inserter installed and activated, let’s create and display your first ad.

Creating an ad is simple with Optimate Ads – Advance Ad Inserter. Just open up the plugin’s  page and click on the “Ads Placement” tab. Then, Paste your ad code in big black box.

You Can also assignee a name to your ad by clicking on “Add Label for Ad”

Now that you have your first ad created, it’s time to display it on your site. We  makes this easy, too.

Scroll Down The Page a Little and you will see an option named “INSERATION” Click the drop down menu and select the location where you want the ads to be appeared.

You Also have to select the where you that ad to be! i.e Post, Page, Homepage or somewhere else.

Save your changes and preview your site to see your first ad in action!

And that’s it! You’ve now successfully created and displayed your first ad using Ad Inserter. Congratulations!

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