How To Insert Ads.Txt File

If you’re running ads on your WordPress site, it’s important to have an ads.txt file in place. This file helps ensure that your ads are being served by authorized ad networks and prevents fraudsters from serving counterfeit ads on your site.

Inserting an ads.txt file into WordPress is a fairly simple process. Here’s a step-by-step guide:





What is Ads.txt file for? #

The ads.txt file is a text file that contains a list of authorized ad networks and exchanges that are allowed to serve ads on your website.

When an ad network or exchange serves ads on your site, they should check for the presence of an ads.txt file. If one exists, they should check to see if their own domain is listed in the file. If it’s not, they should not serve ads on your site.

Why is Ads.txt important? #

The ads.txt file helps to fight ad fraud and improve transparency in the programmatic advertising ecosystem. By ensuring that only authorized ad networks and exchanges are serving ads on your site, you can help to protect your ads from being served by counterfeit ad networks.


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