Ezoic Review: How We Increased Revenue by 4x [Case Study Included]

ezoic review

When it comes to monetizing website, everyone can do it but not a lot of people know how to or what are the best options available to maximize the gain. I’m here to help you with that.

Just about anyone can make claims about the credibility of any product, which is why I won’t make any claims, rather ill focus on showing through case study exactly why ezoic is better and how much better it is.

For most people AdSense is the obvious first choice and a majority of people don’t even know about Ezoic. And even people who know, don’t understand their distinction because both are free to use platforms and appear similar in hindsight. 

Let me help you understand how different they are and how important this choice is for not only your online revenue but your online presence as well.

Comparison between Ezoic and AdSense

AdSense allows users to put out targeted advertisements which allow for growth to any online platform. It is a system based on data and preferences, which means that it works.

But it still remains a primary choice for people because most people choose AdSense due to its safe and free nature, but what most people don’t know is that Ezoic is a certified AdSense partner.

Ezoic is an improvement in every regard. Not only does Ezoic promise to increase your revenue ( Help Increasing by 41% to 386% for our clients). A promise it always delivers on. It is an AI based system that automatically evaluates the advertisements and prioritizes them according to efficiency. 

The AI allows Ezoic to analyze the Google add manager data in real time and chooses to display adds that are most likely to increase traffic. It is always ahead of the curve; this also means that the advertisement revenue is much higher.

All in all, Ezoic is more efficient than any other platform available so universally and so unparalleled benefits are reached.

On top of this, AdSense bans accounts without warning on account of suspicious activity whereas Ezoic gives the option to monitor and deal with that activity.

On the other hand, AdSense displays a complete set of data to understand exactly how the revenue was generated, things like RPM and all. Whereas Ezoic keeps the interface simple, with no such data available to the user.

Not only this, Ezoic has the minimum payout requirement set at just 20 dollars where AdSense minimum payout is 100 dollars. Which means that Ezoic doesn’t just cater to bigger businesses, it is suitable for everyone.

This payout is accessible in not just the minimum requirement but also in the fact that unlike AdSense, it is compatible with other platforms such as pioneers and PayPal which means if you are a big company looking to maximize the profits, it is for you.

But if you are a student blogging part time, it is also for you.

Apart from this, AdSense also sometimes overcrowds the website with advertisements. This also results in slower webpage. In comparison Ezoic allows the user to choose what is allowed to be shown on the website. Ezoic also simply helps with improving the website’s speed and optimizing the website as a whole.


Case study

Now, all these ideas look attractive in numbers I know, but I promised a case study and I always fulfill my promises. Below you will see the revenue chart of a company as it progresses through different phases with and without AdSense and Ezoic to see for yourself how effective one platform is in comparison to another.

The above chart depicts the revenue of a particular website without using any platforms, estimated earnings stand at 7,406 dollars at 49,147 clicks, and the page views were 435,603. This data changes dramatically the next month when client approached us to optimize their Google AdSense revenue. After we used to optimize the earnings as is evident in the following.

The above chart shows that the revenue grew from 7,406 dollars to 9,318 dollars which is an increase of 1910 dollars after using our service to improve adsense revenue. It’s a steady growth pattern based on views and clicks.  

Right after the first initial increase in revenue we have asked our client to try ezoic, and they were ready to do try this. Here is what happen next. 

In the longer run the growth rate goes down because they were only agreed on 50% traffic, as is evident in the chart below. So, we used to run adsense and ezoic side-by-side.

AdSense made 5,066 dollars at 357,562 page views and 31,494 clicks. So, what is the way out of the stagnation? Try the AI based Ezoic.

The Ezoic chart of the first month is eerily similar to the one of AdSense, although this is only two weeks, and within those two weeks, Ezoic is able to generate a total income of 5,708 dollars. 

Now because the chart looks so similar you might think that Ezoic will also go stagnant, let me show you how wrong you are in the next chart. We ran both the optimizing platforms side by side on the same website and the results are below

The AdSense revenue stands at 2,238 dollars at 13,820 clicks and 362,673 page views. This is very low as compared to the last month when it made 5,066 dollars at 357,562 page views and 31,494 clicks.  In comparison

Ezoic 10,885 dollars in the same month that AdSense made 2,238 dollars in the month of October. And this pattern further sustains in the coming month.

AdSense revenue steadily slowly grows from 2,238 to 2,648 dollars, despite the elections in usa.

Whereas Ezoic goes a little down due to lower traffic due to the US 2020 Elections. It goes from 10,885 to 9,677 dollars. This happens mainly because of elections (The Website traffic was affected because of elections: Main traffic was coming from united states.)


Final Results: 

As you can clearly see the before and after let me put the number again, so you can easily decide the difference between ezoic and google adsense.

1st Month: Initial AdSense Revenue Without Any Optimization: $7406

2nd Month: After Adsense Optimization & Proper Placement: $9318 

3rd Month: 50% Traffic On Ezoic (for 2 weeks) + Adsense: Total revenue: $5708 + $5066 = $10774

4th Month: 70% Ezoic and 20% to AdSense :$10885 + $2238 = $13123

5th Month:  Adsense 30% and Ezoic was set on 70%: $2648 + $9677 = $12325 

So Yeah, There is magnificent improvement in revenue at the end of our whole experiment! and Client was fully moved to ezoic in December 2020 and still using it.

Who wins?

The debate between AdSense and Ezoic is similar to the debate between a job and a business. Jobs require consistency and the gains are fairly consistent. Whereas business requires risk and effort but allow for growth and unprecedented gains. 

But in my opinions a clear win for Ezoic. 

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What are your thought? Fee Free to Share in Comments Section! 

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